About Magali


My name is Magali Rack.  When I’m asked what I do for a living, I don’t know what to answer. Mainly, I’m a freelancer and entrepreneur. I do photography, production, web design and I just recently became a yoga teacher. . 

I have a passion for aesthetics. Whether they're Minimalist, Classic, Retro, Art Deco...The list is long. My knowledge of artistic movements came from my studies in Art history and my passion for imagery.  Objects and colours put together have this way of creating so much meaning. 

I am curious, passionate, and I love learning and experiencing new things which lead me to constantly reinvent myself and thrive in various creative fields.  When I have an idea in mind, I always make it happen. Sometimes it’s a great idea, and other times it’s not, but i’m always happy I gave it my all, I always learn from it and most importantly, I keep regrets far away from me. 

This blog is an opportunity to share what it’s like to create a life of your own. To walk to the beat of your own drum.  To talk about the good, the bad & sometimes, the ugly.   Not to fit in the mould but to make the mould fit you.  

I hope I can inspire you with my photography, travel stories and with the portraits of inspirational women who also live their life on their own terms. I have faith that anyone can live the life they dream of, and I hope I can pass on this motivation to you. 

I don't believe an individual can only master one discipline. I think your skills and interests can reach a spectrum as wide as your curiosity and passion can focus on. Greatness is hidden in the masses. If you want to be like everyone else, you do like everyone else. But if you want to find your greatness then you better start listening to yourself.