Thoughts | The Pursuit of Happiness


Can putting an end to the endless pursuit of becoming someone imbue our lives with meaning? As George Eliot once wrote, it seems to me that we can never give up longing and wishing while we are alive. There are certain things that we feel to be beautiful and good and we must hunger for them.

This brings me to ask myself, what is the point of always chasing, longing and wishing for more. Why would we constantly try to become ''someone'' when we already are.

We say we need to ''find ourselves'' but most of the time, it's because we simply don't fit in the definition of ''success'' our society created. We should all have our own personal views of success. It's normal to have questions without answers, it's ok to let go. It's fine to not always be on top of our game and it’s visceral to accept who we are, as a human being and not try to be something we're not.

It seems nowadays that we are valued by the time we spend working. Working at the office, working from home, working on a project...Which has brought people to feel anxious when they aren't doing anything.  But is our value as a human being defined by work? I don't think so.

This can't be true. Life is filled with beautiful things.  Experiences in travel, life and family are things that bring us fulfillment. Don't get me wrong, I beleive a sense accomplishment in our job can bring a certain level of happiness : we reach a certain goal and we evolve in a way.  But there will always be that next step we want to reach, and as soon as we get there, we will chase the next...

 So can we ever just settle, and be happy ?  We have to open our eyes to the beautiful things in life. We also have to realize, that time flies. People say it all the time, but it is actually happening and who wants to wake up one day and realize, all of these years have vanished without really finding inner peace, joy or fulfillment.  Happiness takes work. Mindfulness takes work. You have to take the time to figure out what makes you happy. You have to stop avoiding the fact that you might be unhappy at work, in your marriage or in your life as general.  

 Put your phone down when your talking to someone. Look around when your walking down the street. Be generous with the people you love.  Be kind and respectful to the people you don't know. Acknowledge beauty in the little things in life.