Thoughts | Why You should Stop Comparing Yourself


So let’s be real here.

Nowadays, most of us spend WAY too much time on our phones, especially on social media. I was shocked when I found out I could check the screen time statistics on my phone and see how much time I spend on social media in a day or a week. I was not impressed with myself.

Why do we spend so much time on these tiny electronics things we call ‘’smart’’ ?

I can only talk for myself, but it’s probably because beautiful images inspire me, make me dream and evade from the boring moments of my life.

The problem with social media is that it can also REALLY make us feel like shit.

We use to compare ourselves to our colleagues, neighbours, friends, people we actually know, but now with instagram we are comparing ourselves to the f****g WORLD.

While scrolling through our instagram feed, we’re like :

Oh look at her beautiful family and big house. How is her life so perfect?

How can her waist be so small but her butt so big? Is this photoshop wtf?

Why is she always eating at fancy restaurants? How is she so rich????

How can she handle a job and two babies when I can’t even handle myself?

On a professional level, it’s also easy to compare our success, our careers, and well, pretty much everything to the people surrounding us.

Have you ever done something that you’re so proud of and all of a sudden you see someone doing it too, sometimes better than you, and all of a sudden you feel sad?

Personally, I see a lot of people my age with a nice house, a good car, a career with a great dental plan and all the advantages in the world, while I have nothing of that.

Sometimes I think to myself, I’m far behind. And I start thinking of all the things I could buy if I had a high paying 9 to 5 job…. But then I realize that’s not what I want out of life anyway, and I prefer to collect memories rather than material things.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side…But sometimes what you need is a rooftop patio, or a wild untamed garden.

So here a few reasons why we shouldn’t compare ourselves, and why we need to stop it NOW. It’s not easy and I think we all struggle with that. But seriously, comparison is the fastest way to take all the fun out of life.

Nothing is more original and authentic as a human being. Our DNA, our brain, our personality and our way of thinking makes all humans extremely different, so take advantage of that uniqueness and put it out there. Don’t try to be or act like someone else, because you see that person succeeding in a way you want to succeed. You’ll have way more success following your own gut and using what makes YOU special to stand out.

People only show the best of themselves and rarely show their vulnerabilities. I don’t wish this to anyone but chances are the lady in the big fancy house with her beautiful twins, fucking struggles at being a mom. Or the influencer that travels all the time and get’s paid for it doesn’t even take a second to enjoy what’s happening to her because she’s too busy taking pictures and worrying about how many likes the picture is gonna get. She probably even eats every meal of her life cold because she’ll be standing on a chair, taking pictures of it for half an hour every single time (See ? Not perfect !)

The point is, nothing and no-one is perfect. It may be unfortunate, but without darkness, there’s no light, and it’s as simple as that. There’s no point to envy someone else’s life.

You have been gifted with a unique set of skills, and what matters is acting on YOUR big picture and not someone else’s. It’s your uniqueness that makes you awesome.

Last but not least, to make sure you stop comparing yourself forever, I’ll share an example I read from Jen Sincero (an author I love) to fully grasp the concepts I’m talking to you about

Can you imagine what our world would be like of our biggest heroes succumbed to the perils of comparison? If Marylin Monroe compared herself to Kate Moss and decided she needed to lose her curves? Or if the guys from Led Zeppelin compared themselves to Mozart?

Dude that guy’s huge. Way huger than we’ll ever be and he doesn’t even have a drummer. I think we should get rid of ours and maybe add some harps while we’re at it.

You get what I mean? Please stop comparing your yourself already. You are more than enough!



Magali Rackthoughts