On Film | Playing with Shadows at Habitat 67


Last Saturday, my friend Ariane and I went to see Dance Me, a show inspired by the work of Montreal based poet, artist and songwriter Leonard Cohen.

A legend if you ask me, but everybody knows. Right?  

We were mind blowned by the show which combined a sublime mix of dance, music, lighting, dramaturgy and videography. 

We had an exiting evening planned at Habitat 67, another strong iconic landmark of Montreal. My friend’s aunt Madeleine has been living there for years,  since ’67 actually, and the square-shaped apartment has been frozen in time ever since.

The exuberant, yet minimalist building leaves few people indifferent by it’s magnificent grey modules stacked over one-another, nested between land and water. In my opinion brutalist architecture doesn’t get any better than that.

We dove into Madeleine’s impressive CD collection, danced in the late-afternoon sunshine, played with shadows and experienced a moment that I will forever remember. 

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Magali Rack