On Film | About Inspiration and Blossoming Trees


As creative creatures, we’re constantly inspired by our surroundings. We get inspiration from a person, from a melody, from a situation, and sometimes from a place we see everyday. Unexpectedly, we get this super weird burst of excitement, this fire in the belly feeling which is in my opinion what inspiration feels like. Sometimes we lack of inspiration and the feeling you get is… well, no feeling at all.

Personnally, sometimes I can feel inspired for weeks. These weeks of inspiration also come with a drop, and that is when I’ll feel depressed, lack of energy and lose the hope of my projects coming to reality. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to be surfing on the high wave all the time. In fact, I think we kind of need the lows once in a while, because they force us to reinvent ourselves.

On a beautiful happy day of spring, I was sitting on my patio where I sit and work on every single as soon as the snow melts and I noticed this beautiful tree, full of fluffy pink flowers.


The same day, I went for a scooter drive in Westmount and noticed soooo many trees blossoming. I thought, wow that’s really beautiful THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!! It made me feel joyful and amazed. It was also the first time I really paid attention to that natural spring phenomenon. I think the first thing I’d wish to anyone in this world is to possess the ability to appreciate the small beautiful things in life. To learn how to acknowledge their presence and be grateful for them. Learning how to do this can drastically change the course of a day, or of a life.


A few days later, I went for a run. I don’t enjoy running that much but I really love running in the woods . I like how spontaneous it is, how you can’t predict the next turn you’re going to take. I was fascinated when I saw endless little white flowers in the woods. I had found the mountain so pretty. I decided I would document it.

Like most beautiful things in life, pictures don’t do justice…