On Film | The Other Side Of Varadero


There’s always two sides to a story. Two points of view.

Take Varadero for example, most people I know snob resort destinations like this saying they’re too touristy (yawn). But there’s two sides to it. It depends what you choose to explore. Which side of the beach you choose to venture on

Who you talk to. Where you look. Who you hang out with


The Varadero I saw, was raw, natural, untouched. Beautiful white sandy beaches. No empty plastic cups from tourists who drank so many Pina coladas they couldn’t find the waste.


There were fishermen. Locals. Abandoned buildings

Families doing pow wow’s in the ocean


Did you know the first tourists visited Varadero as early as the 1870s, and for years it was considered an elite resort. In 1915 the first hotel, named Varadero, was built.
Tourism grew in the early 1930s as Irénée du Pont, an American millionaire, built his estate on the peninsula. Many famous and infamous people stayed in Varadero, like Al Capone (picture of his house below). After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, many mansions were expropriated from their rich owners and are now abandoned which makes your walk on the other side of the beach quite interesting. 


It’s funny, how a lot of people in my entourage say things like  ‘’Oh! I don’t do resort’s,  I’ll never do! ’’ as if they were the worst place to visit on the planet. Yet, they’ve never set foot in one.

Sometimes we’re quick to judge.


Take me for example. I love an adventure, I love traveling without an itinerary, I love getting lost. Being scared. Not speaking the language. Eating weird things.


But I still love lounging by the beach. Not having to go find my wallet to pay for a cocktail. I love having all the options in the world when it comes to food.

Burgers, fries, pizza, ceviche, tacos, ice cream, name it.  You know, eat ’til I drop


Anyway, the point is there’s always two sides to a story 

We should never say we’ll never do or never try something because of our assumptions

You never know what you can discover at the other end of the beach.

on filmMagali Rack