Outdoor Living | Couch Surfing in San Diego & the Seals of La Jolla Cove


the power of intention

Last year around this time, I traveled to the Sonoran Desert to shoot some Mid Century Modern architecture in Palm Springs. I was going there out of pure passion, curiosity and interest for an architectural style, and it was the first time I dedicated a whole trip to photography with a clear intention in mind.

Since this trip to Palm Springs, I’ve had many opportunities related to my art and surprisingly, two articles were written on these photography series in a arts & photography magazine and a local newspaper. I would of never expected this outcome, and it proved to me that when you place a clear intention in action, it pays off.

I hadn’t planned on leaving the area, but I couldn’t bear the idea of being two hours away from the Pacific Ocean without dipping my toes in it. Hence, one morning I packed my bags, hopped in my yellow beetle and drove all the way down to San Diego.

about couch surfing

All I knew at that point is that I was going to couch surf with a guy named Jordan who traveled the world and owned chickens #randomfact. Jordan had lots of great reviews from previous guests and that was enough to convince me to give couch surfing a shot.

As soon as I arrived in San Diego, I parked my car and ran all the way to the ocean like a crazy person. I sat down in the sand, had a nice cold beer and watched people surf. I felt happy as hell.

I was only in San Diego for a few days. What I remember the most from my stay was my experience couch surfing. You get to meet new people, have captivating conversations with fellow world travellers and get unique recommendations from locals. It’s great, especially as a solo traveler.

I recommend trying it once in your life! It turned out to be a great experience and I left San Diego with a friend.

magic in la jolla cove

The second thing that comes to my mind when I think of this mini road trip is the beauty of La Jolla’s picturesque cove and beach. The sunsets in La Jolla are hands down the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

I might be biased considering I’m a huge animal lover, but at La Jolla Cove you get to hang out with seals and sea lions all day, in their natural habitat. They’re actually everywhere, all huddled up on each other on the rocks near the sea caves. The cove is also known for it’s awesome tide pools and really interesting sea life. I spent hours contemplating minuscule marine creatures like anemones and crustaceans. I could of done so many things when I was in San Diego, but I kept coming back to this magical place.

Below are a few pictures of the seals and sea lions. Hope you find them as cute as I did!


la jolla.jpg
chubby seal.jpg
la jolla seals.jpg
proud seal.jpg
sea lion .jpg
seal 1.jpg
seal seal.jpg
sleepy seal.jpg
the lovers.jpg

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