Travel | The Copper Door B&B, Art Deco & Community vibes



I arrived in Miami a day before Art Basel and on the first night, I had the opportunity to stay at The Copper Door B&B in the historical district of Overtown Miami. I was happily surprised because this neighbourhood had nothing to do with what I had imagined of Miami (which is what comes to mind when you think of spring break in Cancun).

In fact, Overtown is located just northwest of Downtown Miami. Originally called Colored Town during the Jim Crow era of the late 19th through the mid-20th century, the area is the historic center of commerce of the afro-american community of Miami and South Florida.

Walking around the neighbourhood, I felt like I was experiencing the ‘‘real side’’ of Miami, a place rich in history and authenticity, which is what I search for when I travel.

Everyone waved at me and smiled at me and I found beauty in the kindness of these strangers. The area was also quite interesting photographically speaking.

The B & B

I was more than pleased to discover this very unique Bed & Breakfast and even more pleased to find out the project had been created by two young entrepreneurs.

Akino West (27) & Jamila Ross (26) who both have strong backgrounds in food & beverage, first started their hospitality group by purchasing a 4 bedroom house and renting the space as a vacation rental property in Miami. The purchase of their first Miami home transcended into the creation of The Copper Door Bed and Breakfast.


The young couple first toured the 22 guest room building and fell in love with the 80 year old building that had such character. It truly evoked the past life of a 50’s, 60’s Art Deco Miami mixed with a strong community atmosphere.

The vibe of the B&B was one of a kind. It was a unique blend of vintage aesthetics contrasted with a tropical influence. Colourful patterns, flowers, palm trees…along with Mid-century modern teck furniture. The idea of bringing these two design inspirations together is simply brillant, in my opinion. I also loved that every room was different. Mine had beautiful flower patterned wallpaper which made the hippie in me really happy.


Purvis Young

During Art Basel 2018 they featured painter, Purvis Young within their lobby space. Young was an Overtown, Miami native and one of the most popular self-taught painters of our time.

Jamila and Akino certainly pay attention to detail, every single element you see in the Bed & Breakfast has been carefully thought of, and blends perfectly well in the retro, island-ish aesthetics of the place.



The Breakfast was delicious. It was served in beautifully patterned antique dishes. Everyone ate breakfast at one big table which made all of us guests feel like friends and family, which by the way is probably the best feature of staying at The Copper Door. Jamila & Akino are truly great hosts, who make you feel like you’re home as soon as you step through the door.


Future Plans

The commercial spaces that line NW 5th Street were once accompaniments to the original Demtree Hotel : a laundry mat, convenience store, liquor store & bar. These special spaces are currently being renovated and Jamila and Akino told me they are very excited to launch upcoming projects that will supplement The Copper Door B&B in the future.