Design | Patio Goals in Palm Springs


The ace hotel

On a beautiful sunny day of December (which felt like a hot day of July), I was driving around Palm Springs on my classic architecture hunt and thought it was time to head back to my Air B&B

In Montreal, December means snow and freezing weather so I changed my mind and decided it was ACTUALLY time to go for a drink by the pool at the Ace Hotel (had to take advantage of the desert heat after all…)

The vibe at the Ace is just perfect : great poolside music, a mind-blowing view and very tasty cocktails…Plus the outdoor furniture is so cool and comfy you can hardly pick a spot. It almost felt like everything was curated to my personal taste. So everyday around 3 pm when I was done shooting, I would go put on my bathing suit and catch those last afternoon rays of sunshine (and felt like the luckiest girl in the world).

Ever since I was a child I loved hotels…They have this way of making you feel like a princess. I remember first thing I did when I was a kid was run through the halls and go check out the pool and now that I think about it, I haven’t changed much, except that now I’ll go check out the bar too. ;)



One last street

After my swim, I decided I’d go explore one last street in case there is something interesting to shoot. Every time I push myself a little harder I always end up discovering the WOW thank god I decided to come here kind of place.

I drove around a bit and found a home that immediately caught my eye. I was taking a picture of the front of the house when a lady came up running to me. I thought : I’m about to get in trouble… but instead, she invited me in and told me with a great smile on her face: you NEED to see the backyard it’s even better looking than the front. Come in!!!   Well she was 100% right.


It was the dream patio, with a view on the mountains on one side, and a view of a sumptuous golf court on the other. It also had a cool retro sitting area, a guest house I would move into tomorrow, a beautiful Madmen in California style pool, a very inviting bar and a sheep wearing a pearl necklace. I mean, why not?