On Film | Pure Bliss in the Desert


Palm Desert

Everyone should go to the desert once in their life. I never ever imagined the feelings and emotions such wide spaces would generate in me. The feeling you get when walking through the desert for the first time is a mix of instant ease, comfort and peace and those effects are related to the mind, of course. It’s no secret that the feeling of the desert on your body is a different story. Everyone knows the desert is depraved of shade and extremely hot. As a famous singer would say, there are plants and birds and rocks and things, there is sand and hills and rings. There are no clouds in the sky but the air is full of sound.


The beautiful thing about this arid place is that it doesn’t care what you are or what you do. To us humans it seems empty, but it’s actually so full of energy it makes you vibrate inside. Stepping foot in the desert is like finally mastering the art of meditation and reaching that state of pure bliss.


Looking across a desert panorama calms the interior noise. The wide open space just shuts down the chatter. Then the important stuff comes through. There's a reason the old prophets went to the desert and not the jungle. The eye can rest and therefore, the heart.

It’s also filled with many unexpected wonders. In the deserts of California, palm trees grow out of rocks, cute rabbits cross your paths, mountain lions hide waiting for their next prey, crystal clear rivers run through the Indian Canyons and big horn sheep stand tall on the top of the mountains.

I haven’t been to the other deserts yet but I promise you they're on my list.

May the desert inspire you