Architecture | Homes in the Mountains


Architecture connected to the environment

I never expected to be so astonished by the homes of the Palm Springs Desert. Driving around in my yellow beetle convertible, yes so cliché, I discovered a variety of architectural styles reflecting different eras, personalities and landscapes.

These homes in 50 shades of beige, blended perfectly well with the dry, chestnut colored mountains that surround the city of Palm Springs. These mountains are to me, so iconic of Palm Springs because no matter where you are, they are right there with you.

These homes are positioned so naturally in their surroundings that they can be hard to spot from a distance. Some architects will even study the angle of the sun throughout the seasons in order to site a home. The results are unparalleled views and a unique connection to the environment.


You can probably understand my desire to own one of these homes one day in my life (Universe can you hear me???). Perhaps I’ll become one of those snowbirds Palm Springs is known for.

If you still can’t fully grasp the perfection of this town in the desert, here is a picture of the mountains at sunrise.